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Rocky Mountain Skinnies is located in Woodland Park, CO which is west of Colorado Springs in the mountains. We have owned Skinny Pigs (or Skinnies) for the last 5 years. Our goal is to breed the healthiest and most beautiful Himalayan, Self-Black, and Black & White Skinny Pigs. After 5 years of working towards this goal we now have the best pigs to achieve this. Take a look at all of our wonderful Skinnies, you will certainly fall in love!

The site is almost back to full functionality. We had a severe storm and I lost all the data for the site. The individual pages for the Skinnies are not complete yet and there are a few features that are still missing. I am working hard to get everything back up! If you would like to see photos of our pigs please visit
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Latest News

Zorro Memorial
10.16.13 - We might need to change our name to Rocky Mountain Skinnies and Teddies! This week we were fortunate enough to adopt 4 Teddies, two that are Himalayan and two that are self-blacks. The black ones carry the Himalayan genes. One is a sow named Cricket who is pregnant and due any day now! She was bred to a Himalayan boar so there is a good chance that we can have more Himalayan pups. Pictures will be posted soon.
10.12.13 - We have terrible news. YS Ester gave birth early to four pups and only one survived. The pup, named RMS Spirit, is definitely a premie. She is half the size of the smallest pup that we have ever had plus she was the smallest pup of the litter. She has one heck of a fighting spirit though, hence the name.
09.21.13 - RMS Pepa La Pew had a litter of 4 pups today! Check out the Nursery to see these beautiful new Himalayan pups.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our pigs or Skinny Pigs in general. I love to talk about Skinnies!

Again, welcome to our site! If you are in the area we welcome people to visit with our Skinnies (by appointment). I warn you, once you explore the world of the Skinny, you will not be able to rest until you add one to your family!

Thank you,

Diana Haskins & Zorro the Skinny Pig



"I would completely recommend Rocky Mountain Skinnies. This is not someone who is trying to make money breeding and selling pigs. Rather, she is dedicated to healthy and beautiful skinnies. Diana is truly a joy to know and learn from." - Teresa T. Mom of Enzo and Moses